We get it.

This is tough stuff.

There’s a lot we’re missing right now, like routines, celebrations, and major life milestones.

There’s also a lot we’re worrying about, like our friends, our family, and maybe our own health and well-being.

This site is here to help you with tips and tricks on how to care for yourself and those you love in this uncertain time. Whether you’re in self-care or super helper mode, we’ve got some great stuff for you.

I’m here to …

Help Myself

Maybe I have big dreams. Maybe I’m just trying to survive. Or maybe it’s a little of both. I’m looking for tips and tools to help me do me right now.

Help Others

I want to know how I can help those who need support, like my family, my friends, or my community. I’m looking for ways to make a positive impact for others.

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