How to Safely Attend Events & Parties During COVID-19

During this period of COVID, it is tough to be young, active and social. Young adults want to hangout with friends, catch up on what they’re doing, and have fun together! And while  social media, video games, and virtual chat have helped ease the distance struggle, what if there is a way to safely party together? Here are some ways to plan and attend parties, safely with friends during COVID: 

  • Always have a mind-set to prioritize and value your  health and safety, and the health and safety of others. 
  • Plan events and get-togethers with the understanding that it may have to be rescheduled if someone shows symptoms or is not feeling well. 
  • Try to plan or attend parties and events that are outdoors only. 
  • Do not attend a party or event if you or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms of COVID. 
  • Try to plan or attend events that involve  10 people or less.
  • Come prepared with hand sanitizer, pocket wipes, and a mask. If you are the host, make these things available for your guests at the party. 
  • Stay safely distanced from each other. If you are hosting, place the guest chairs 6 feet apart to encourage distancing. 
  • Don’t share drinks or food with each other. If you are providing food, try to serve individually wrapped snacks and unopened drinks.

Have fun with your friends while making good decisions for your health by following these tips. Together we can stay in touch and prevent the spread!

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