California plans to end the 15-month COVID restrictions

More than a year after Governor Gavin Newsom first ordered residents to stay at home, he announced that California will fully reopen its economy on June 15 as long as it has a sufficient supply of vaccines and hospitalizations remain low. 

What will this look like? It is recommended that Californians still wear masks and are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as eligible, but the state plans to end its color-coded tier system that has governed county-by-county reopening for several months. The Governor also says he expects all California students will be able to return to classrooms by June 15. However, it’s important to recognize that everyone’s comfort level with going back to “life as normal” is varied and this may look different for each family despite the economy starting to reopen—and that’s okay.

This week California reached an immunization milestone, administering more than 22 million vaccine doses, including 4 million in the state’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Newsom said he anticipates more than 30 million people will have gotten at least one dose by the end of April.

Starting April 15, all Californians 16 and older will be eligible to receive the vaccine, though some counties have already begun offering shots to the general population. The state will have eight weeks between opening vaccines to all California adults and its target date for fully reopening the economy. In the meantime, do your part to help us continue to “crush the curve” by following current CDC guidelines — staying 6 feet apart, sanitizing hands, and masking up when around people who aren’t in your household.

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California Department of Public Health
California plans to fully reopen economy in June, aiming to end 15-month COVID restrictions

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