Coping with the Stress of the Election

If you’re feeling stressed out from Election Day and the uncertainty that still lies ahead on top of the pandemic, you’re not alone. In times like this it helps to focus on what we CAN do

  • We can choose to practice “self interruption.” Go for a walk. Call a friend. Run an errand. Do something for someone else. Getting out of your head and into the present moment can help rid you of any  thought loops that ramp up your anxiety.
  • We can reconnect with nature. Absorb some sunlight (at least 20 minutes for the best effect), and reconnect with nature. These activities can do a lot to boost your mood. If you live in an urban area and are wondering how to achieve nature time, find a patch of grass and set your bare feet on the earth. You can also tend a plant (even if it’s inside your house), find a tree at the park and sit underneath it while you do schoolwork. Or move your desk to sit near a window with sunlight. 
  • We can take breaks from absorbing the news and social media as needed. Stop doom-scrolling your feed and turn off the TV. It takes time to count everyone’s vote and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Trust the process, it’s worth the wait. 
  • We can reach out for support. If self-care isn’t doing the trick, outside support is an option. Free mental health support is available 24/7 via The Crisis Text Line. Text HOME to 741-741. Or if you’d rather talk to someone, call the California Warmline (a non-emergency resource for emotional support) at 1-855-845-7415. For more places to get support check out our blog here.

Whatever the outcome of the elections, have hope. We have been through dark times before and we can do hard things. Together, we can roll up our sleeves and continue to do the work to create a better country together and do our part to protect communities from COVID.

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