Distance Learning Tips

Distance learning is not easy. But with the struggles of distance learning, we can also find opportunities for fun and creativity. Below are ways to help turnaround our frustration and make distance learning an easier, perhaps even an enjoyable experience.

  1. Learning from home means you get to set up your learning space EXACTLY how you want it!  Bring in fun items like your favorite lamp, a pillow to make your chair more comfy, or pictures on your desk of your pet. Keep a box with your favorite snacks next to you.  Keep your favorite stuffed animal nearby. There is so much you can do that you couldn’t at your classroom desk. Take advantage!
  2. Change up your learning space. Spend some days learning at your desk, and then move to the kitchen table. Then maybe move near your favorite window. If it’s a nice day, try attending class outside, on the patio or backyard.  Remember, distance learning allows you to be mobile. 
  3. Attend class in your favorite pajamas or other clothing that makes you feel happy and comfortable.
  4. Keep a box of fidget items nearby in case you get antsy. A stress relief ball, a rubix cube, a fidget spinner, and other items you can easily pick up and play with during Zoom class can help to make the time go by and keep stress low. 
  5. If permitted, find a virtual background for your Zoom that is fun and expressive. If you are unable to have a virtual background, set up a real background that is fun and visually pleasing for you and for your classmates. 
  6. Take advantage of being able to go to school with your family. If possible, put on some headphones and watch class while hanging out on the couch with the family. Having family in proximity, even though everyone is doing separate things, can feel comforting.
  7. Some teachers put together lunch time or after school Zoom rooms to encourage classmates to eat lunch together and interact on your own. If this sounds fun to you, don’t be afraid to join the lunch time Zoom and catch up with your classmates. If your teacher doesn’t have one, encourage them to start one for the class.

Distance learning doesn’t have to be tough. Be creative and find ways to get through this challenging time with a little bit of comfort and joy. You may find yourself focusing and learning better.

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