Ideas for social bubbling activities

Now that you know what a social bubble is, it’s worth taking some time to think about just which activities are safe-ish to do with your bubble. We say “safe-ish” because it’s important to remember that no social gathering during a pandemic is without some degree of risk. However, if you are able to engage in activities where you can still maintain six feet of distance between you and others, it may be worth considering, especially if you feel that socializing could help your mental and emotional health.

Remember that during social bubbling, you should limit your contact only to other people in your bubble. Your bubble-mates have also agreed that they are only interacting with people in the bubble and no one else. By doing this, you all are able to enjoy some social time while managing the risk of virus spread.

While indoor activities should still be avoided, here are some great outdoor activity ideas you and your friends can enjoy together.

  1. Skateboarding and roller blading. Activities with wheels are generally a great thing to do with friends during the pandemic. Why? You’ll need to be outdoors, which means that the windy open spaces will make it harder for the virus to spread. And on top of that, you probably won’t want to get within six feet of others because you don’t want to accidentally run into them! Yelp has compiled a list of the best 10 skateparks in the Bay Area. Don’t want to get vertical? Check out these California inline skating trails and maps.
  2. Picnics and BBQs. The sun is out. The weather is warm. And summer is here. It is a great time to be outside, and even better to enjoy with friends. Bring some cold foods for a picnic or some of your favorite grillable foods to throw on the BBQ. The Bay Area has no shortage of gorgeous parks to enjoy some outdoor meals with friends. Be sure to check the hours of parks. If you have your heart set on barbecues, you may want to take a few minutes to confirm that the park you’re interested in has grills. Check out this list of gorgeous parks and recreation areas in the Bay Area.
  3. Outdoor games. Sports are just starting to come back, but you do need to be super careful how you do them. If you’re gatheting a larger group of people, you’ll want to find games where you can still keep your distance, like baseball or softball. Games that require players to be really close to one another while breathing pretty hard — like basketball or soccer — should be avoided. But just because you can’t play the full team version doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with a goal or a basket. Consider kicking a ball or shooting hoops with a friend while maintaining distance. Remember if you and your friends are touching the same surfaces — like a basketball or baseball, for example — be sure to sanitize your hands immediately before and after you play to protect yourself and others.
  4. Outdoor restaurant gatherings. Some restaurants are just starting to open up, with outdoor seating only. If you’re interested in going out to eat, research the restaurant before you go to make sure you understand their procedures. Even if you are going with your bubble, ask if there is a way to be seated outside with your friends while still maintaining some distance.

These activities may not all look like the real versions we’re used to in everyday life, but we’re getting one step closer. As long as you stay smart and stay safe, you should be able to have some fun with your friends with minimal risk to the health of you or your loved ones.

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