What’s a social bubble?

Most of California has been social distancing since March. Social distancing discourages you from having contact with anyone outside your immediate household. You can hang out and socialize with people you live with, but that’s pretty much it. Social distancing has been encouraged to limit the spread of the coronavirus and not overwhelm our local hospitals with more patients than they could care for. It’s highly likely that doing this has already saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Of course, we can’t social distance forever. People will eventually need to go back to work and families and friends want to see each other. But what makes this so hard is that the only thing that will protect us from the coronavirus is a vaccine, and that doesn’t exist yet. So until we have one, it is still *extremely important* to take actions that protect yourself and others.

The road back to normal will likely be a twisty one with starts and stops. One baby step back to normal involves social bubbling as we slowly and carefully start to ease social distancing.

A social bubble is a group of people who you treat as safe. You all agree to take the same precautions and what those precautions will be, like wearing masks, washing hands, and staying 6 feet away from anyone not in your bubble. You agree you won’t hang out with anyone outside your bubble. As long as you are only interacting with people inside your bubble and no one else, you can hang out as you normally would, like going over to one another’s houses. It’s a way to spend time with other people but do so in a safe and responsible way.

It’s important to talk to your family about who will be in your bubble. Remember, your social bubble choice doesn’t only affect you, but it also affects them since they live with you.

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